Mobile Websites

Wirenode is an easy-to-use platform for creating mobile content.

Create a free mobile website using our mobile page editor. Feel free to try all the functions, upload your pictures and customize your pages. You can create as many mobile websites as you like, link them to each other and then publish them.

With very little effort, you can create attractive mobile websites for your use.

We bring cost of creating mobile websites close to zero!

From the moment you publish your mobile website, it will be accessible to everyone from every phone, from old Nokia phones to the newest iPhone. Each of your mobile portals have a unique URL on our wirenode.mobi domain.

If you have a Blog, you can create its mobile version very easily and your readers will be able to read it anywhere on their phones.

To promote your mobile websites, you can put a little Widget on your Blog or website. The widget will inform your visitors about your mobile web. You will find it under the Promotion tab, after you log in.